I'll be moderating Tuesday August 19th game design panel at Leipzig's GCDC, with illustrious panel members Bob Bates, Steve Meretzky and Bobby Stein. Come and see us if you're around.

Abstract: Game design has a rich past and a bright future, ripe with yet undiscovered innovations.
In this panel, industry veterans and innovators in their own right will draw from the past and reach into the future to discuss gameplay mechanisms that, like Achievements recently, can transform the player's experience, the game designer's habits and the gaming community as a whole.
They will talk about how designing such mechanisms relates to managing constraints outside of the game design field.
Finally, they will offer their views on what's in store for players and on which design opportunities we should take advantage of.

Target Audience: This session is open to anyone curious about how future advances in game design will impact our relationship with games, and how these advances can come to be.
It is a non-technical, non-gloomy session.